Horsham Running Clinic

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We support the running community by providing bio-mechanic assessments and treatment. With our help you can run better, further, and with reduced risk of injury.

Discover how a full running assessment using the latest video technology can help with distance and comfort
Our highly skilled team can provide hands-on treatment as maintenance, or to support pre- and post-event
Our treatment provided by highly skilled Sport Therapists and Physios, who understand the needs of runners
We’re a part of Total Therapy Studios, the leader in physical therapy and movement support

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It all starts with discovery

We can only get a true understanding of how we can help once we’ve assessed your own individual style and how you run. All of our support is uniquely tailored to your own needs.

So why have a biomechanical running assessment? And what's involved in the process? Well, we probably all think that we run well, with good form and posture. However if someone was to record a video of you running - especially at points when tiredness as set in - the likelihood is that it will look very different.

A running assessment can identify the areas of your body that may be under or overworking, which ultimately leading to muscle and joint pain and inflammation. We identify these issues by conducting a series of functional movement tests along with video analysis, and hands on treatment.
A running assessment is the best way to understand how you run, issues that you might have, and how to fix them. Due to the often solitary nature of running, it's hard to gain a perspective of what you're doing well, and where improvements can be made. The result of the whole process is reduced risk of injury and discomfort, and better distance and times.


Your therapist will initially take a detailed case history, discuss your running goals, and any musculoskeletal issues you have. What's important is that we get a real understanding of how your body works.

By taking into consideration general day-to-day movement, and any restrictions you have, we'll be able to get an understanding what is required. This case history is vital for our therapists to work together to get a rounded view of how your body works and what it's ultimately capable of.


Your therapist will then look at your movement control in a sequence of high and low threshold tests. We'll look for specific compensations and uncontrolled movement which will provide us with an overall picture of how running and walking is impacting your body.

This provides us with valuable information to provide you with exercises, changes in technique and further treatment if appropriate. Our expert therapists will gain an understanding of range of movement and challenges, even if they're not immediately evident.
Treadmill Work


For deeper and more specific running assessment, you'll then be asked to run on our treadmill. The time and speed of this part of the process will vary and will be appropriate to your capability and presentation of pain, however normally it will be between five and ten minutes. Most importantly we'll video you running from several different angles.

Being able to see form and shape when running is something that you are unlikely to have seen. You and the therapists will play this back, and they'll discuss their observations and share with you how this could be affecting your running.


We'll then go through with you a selection of corrective strategies you can do at home, and email you a copy of your bespoke exercise programme and video analysis. If your running injury should require more complex treatment, your therapist will discuss with you a recommended treatment plan for additional therapy if appropriate.

This could be Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy, soft tissue treatment, massage or movement classes that could support you. Whilst we hold a number of classes and provide therapy where we're based, we do not insist that you take part in our sessions.
Follow up


We recommend a follow up visit after about four to six weeks, and we're available during this time to answer any questions you may have or support with concerns. At your next session we'll discuss how you've got on, and progress made.

Based around this, we'll perform the assessment again and compare your results and video analysis from your previous session. From here we'll update your programme to correct further, and extend goals if appropriate.


Of course, the whole point is that your running becomes more efficient, pain-free and enjoyable. Our methods are tried and tested, and based around the latest research and understanding of how the body works under the pressure and exertion of exercise.

We're therefore confident that with focus you'll see positive results. This will mean less discomfort, improved distance or time, and faster recovery rates.
Pricing and Costs

The price of our running assessment sessions is a very reasonable £70. Each session lasts about an hour and will genuinely transform your running. You've got nothing to lose, so why not contact us today?