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We support the running community by providing bio-mechanic assessments and treatment. With our help you can run better, further, and with reduced risk of injury.

Discover how a full running assessment using the latest video technology can help with distance and comfort
Our highly skilled team can provide hands-on treatment as maintenance, or to support pre- and post-event
Our treatment provided by highly skilled Sport Therapists and Physios, who understand the needs of runners
We’re a part of Total Therapy Studios, the leader in physical therapy and movement support

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We're Horsham Running Clinic

Since 2018, Horsham Running Clinic is a service provided by the Sports Therapists, Physiotherapists, and movement specialists at Total Therapy Studios. We deliver running assessments, treatment, and corrective exercise programmes to help you acheive your running goals - all under one roof with a variety of affordable options.

Now more than ever, running is becoming increasingly popular as a way to stay fit and healthy; it’s cheap, time efficient and is easy. However this isn't the case for everyone. Due to huge changes in life-style, the transition from sitting or walking to running is not a simple one, and many people struggle to reach their running goals due to discomfort, injury or pain.

The reality is that running is a complex movement which requires increased levels of stability, strength, balance, and flexibility. All are needed in the right places to enable us to run effectively. And this is where we come in.
When we walk there's a period in the gait cycle where both feet are on the ground, and this creates stable movement. However during running only part of one foot is ever in contact with the ground at any one time. This creates forces of almost three times your body weight in comparison to walking.

This can lead to biomechanical imbalances such as tight hips, stiff backs, lazy buttocks and weak abdominals. These are often a result of poor postural habits, old injuries, poor footwear or poor exercise technique. This is what creates pain and discomfort during - and after - a run.
As a runner you're genuinely motivated. You've bought new running shoes and off you go. You're on top of the world with your new found enthusiasm and as time goes on your heart and lungs become fitter. You feel you can go faster and further, but your body is telling you otherwise.

However running is often a solitary process; you rarely receive feedback from those you're doing it with. And you're focused on distance, things suddenly start to get a little harder.

Niggles appear, pain develops, and things start to go from bad to worse. So what do you do?
You might give up, and decide running isn't for you. Often you carry on running in the hope that it will sort itself out in time for that 10k run that you committed to in six weeks time!

The unfortunate truth is, it won't clear up on its own and intervention is needed.

And this is where we come in, by providing the correct training schedule and the right programme to fix all those biomechanical issues that you're pounding into the ground and hoping they'll get better on their own.



We can only get a true understanding of how we can help once we’ve understood your own individual style and how you run. All of our support is uniquely tailored to your own needs, so why have a biomechanical running assessment? We probably all think that we run well, with good form and posture. However if someone was to video you running - especially at points when tiredness as set in - the likelihood is that it will look very different to how you might imagine.
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Treatment / Rehab


We know that in many cases you might want to see someone who understands your specific needs, even if you're not suffering from injury or pain. It's common to see a Physiotherapist or Sports Therapist to manage and correct injury, however that's not the only reason why you might want to book in with us. You may want to see us to discuss performance, or to receive treatment or a once over both pre- and post-event. The benefits of doing so are huge, and our skilled team will be able to support with advice, hands on therapy, or an assessment of any concerns you might have.
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Meet the team


Horsham Running Clinic is headed up by Jack Boatwright, an experienced runner who will be able to conduct a full running assessment as above. He's backed up by several members of our biomechanics team, which includes Sports Therapists, Physiotherapists and massage therapists. We all work together to support you on your journey, which means a multi-modal approach to help you achieve your goals.
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Horsham Running Clinic is based at Total Therapy Studios, Horsham's physical therapy and wellness clinic. Since 2012, Total Therapy Studios has been at the forefront of supporting the local community with a huge range of physical therapies, holistic therapies, and much much more. Founded by Sarah Dover-McCarthy, we also offer the largest range of Pilates, Yoga and movement classes in the local area with a core timetable of over 75 classes a week across our two sites in the centre of Horsham.
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Whatever your level, we can help!

Whether you're a club runner, enthusiast, or just run for fitness and health, we can help. We've helped hundreds of runners in the local area with their form, and have supported countless marathon runners too. In short, you'll be amazed at the difference we can make, so get in contact on 01403 249 511 today.