Horsham Running Clinic

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Total Therapy Studios
Supporting the running community with assessment, treatment and coaching. Let us help you run better, further, and with less chance of injury.

Discover how a full running assessment using the latest video technology can help with distance and comfort
Our highly skilled team can provide hands-on treatment as maintenance, or to support pre- or post-event
Our treatment provided by highly skilled Sport Therapists and Physios, who understand the needs of runners
We’re based at Total Therapy Studios, which is the local leader in physical therapies and movement support.

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Where we're based

Horsham Running Clinic is based at Total Therapy Studios, Horsham's physical therapy and wellness clinic

Since 2012, Total Therapy Studios has been at the forefront of supporting the local community with a huge range of physical therapies, holistic therapies, along with much more. Founded by Sarah Dover-McCarthy, they also offer the largest range of Pilates, Yoga and movement classes in the local area, with a core timetable of over 75 classes a week across their three studios.

In 2020 they opened their second site at 33 Carfax, right in the centre of Horsham, which became a base for all of thei holistic services and classes, allowing Denne Parade to become a centre of excellence for Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy, and of course Horsham Running Clinic.

As you can imagine they have been significantly affected by the lockdown restrictions of 2020 and 2021 caused by the Corona Virus pandemic, however they have remained open during much of this time due to the clinical pain management nature of their services. They have also moved their class timetable online, with over 50 fully interactive classes being delivered online.

You can see a list of the services and therapies that we provide below, and to find out more about how we can help you please vist our main website at www.totaltherapystudios.co.uk/
Total Therapy Studios are proud to support with the following treatments and services. Please feel free to get in contact if you'd like to find out more, or visit our main website to discover the various ways we can help.


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